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Steve McQueen - Le Mans DVD

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Steve McQueen - Le Mans DVD

Forty-five international racing stars join Steve McQueen in this gritty, nerve-shattering recreation of the toughest car race on  earth-Le Mans. Returning to France to compete a year after he's been injured, an American driver (Steve McQueen) finds  himself drawn to the widow of a racer who was killed in the same accident. Filmed on location in France, the film's spellbinding cinematography provides a dazzling look at the world's most extraordinary cars and the unique personalities  of the people drawn to the race car circuit. Steve McQueen,  himself a championship racer, did most of his own driving  on the unique 8.5-mile Le Mans course - often at speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour.

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Materiale Language: Tedesco (Mono), Inglese (Dolby Digital 5.1), Italiano (Dolby Digital 3.0), Francese (Mono), Spagnolo (Mono)

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