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Motorlegenden - Steve McQueen

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Motorlegenden - Steve McQueen

Film legend, Hollywood rebel, heartthrob, style icon, and passionate motorsport man - all this was Steve McQueen. In the more than 25 years of his film career, he made it through box-office hits like "The Glorious Seven," "Thomas Crown Can not Be Captured," "Bullit," or "Getaway" in the Olympus Hollywoods. Even the private car enthusiast lived in the fast lane. In this wonderful volume, D.J. Zimmerman highlights the life of this icon with all its facets and contradictions, the film career as well as the involvement in racing or the influence of her fashion taste on the men's world.

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Mesures 17 x 22,5cm, 240 pages, 180 images, Langue: allemand, anglais

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